The Equipment Co.
A website and parts listing catalog done for The Equipment Company, a construction equipment rental business. The logo wasn’t done by me, but the rest of the site was.

Features: WordPress integration, quick-find equipment categorization, and a Google-powered search engine.


East Central College
This site was built for a Multimedia project in order to re-brand our local college. Color, style, and logo design were brainstormed by our small group before I designed and built the website.

Features: WordPress integration, comments, and a news fader.


Mysterious Device
This monstrosity was created for my Independent Study class in Graphic Design. It’s a pretty good example of my passive-aggressive sense of humor, so small children should probably stay away.

Features: 4 strange mini games, responsive design, and a plethora of insults.


Alice's Restaurant
Alice’s Restaurant was an exercise in my rudimentary web skills. The diner website uses free stock images to populate the sample pages.

Features: Color changer, email form, and get-argument navigation.


Cheatlancer 2.0
The second in the triad of personal website iterations, this build was a massive step up in regard to technical skill and aesthetics. It keeps to the blue and black theme while making navigation easier.

Features: Blade navigation, blog integration, and administration backend.


Cheatlancer 1.0
This is the original Cheatlancer.com, from way back in 2010 and 2011. The design of it was simple if not a bit clumsy, but it had the most complex underlying code of any of the sites I’ve built to date.

Features: Admin back end, color changer, and forum nameplate integration.


APT St. Clair
A physical therapy business hired me to put together a site for them and this is what came out of it. This is one of my first creations, but it has withstood the test of time fairly well.

Features: Photo gallery, custom content editor, admin back end.


Union Band
This site was never released or contracted, it was created only in order to see how much better my design could be in comparison to the original band website. It didn’t disappoint, but it also never went anywhere.

Features: News/info feed, custom content editor, admin back end.


Feth Construction
This site was contracted by a construction company that wanted to update their website. It was made faster, easier to navigate, and more modern.

Features: Random review generator, image gallery, and contact form.


Graphic Design

Picture Refreshment
Photo Restoration: Using Photoshop, I was able to restore this photo of my dad’s old Corvette to its former glory.


Hero Magazine Cover
Hero Magazine: This is the cover of a 16-page magazine I put together using InDesign and a handful of resources and images. The pictures don’t belong to me, but the design and positioning do.


Welcome to Columbia!
Columbia Travel Poster This is a fake travel poster for the also-fake city of Columbia from Bioshock Infinite. It was created using Adobe Illustrator.


Coming soon…