the blog

The new design for is coming along nicely, albeit slowly.

In case you haven’t read the last blog entry or had the chance to see the business cards in my twitter feed, the new site will have a much lighter theme. By much lighter I mean white instead of black, so mind your eyeballs if you enjoy surfing the net in the dreary darkness.

It’s also being developed as a responsive website. For those of you not hip on web design language, this means that the website will rearrange itself to fit your screen, be it computer, tablet, or smart phone. Basically, if you start messing with the window size of your browser, you’ll find the site will never go out of the frame.

So that’s cool.

Also, web design services are going to have to be suspended for a week or so while I update this site and change my design policies. If you have a site hosted by me, don’t worry; you’re fine and you will continue to be dandy. This is just a warning for those of you wanting a new site made: the prices and polices listed might not be what will be up on the new, brighter website.

Ok. That’s all.